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Solo Plateau







Anat Shamgar - solo

"SOLO" By Anat Shamgar, is part of a Trilogy called "Plateau Stories".

In all these works I share a passion for stillness, the aesthetics of reduction, and the practice of attentiveness.

The rift between sound and image serves as a starting point for my aim to create a state of separate being and attuned cohabitation; a multi-layered space for the ways I echo or vibrate the sound.

The solo was a product of the Covid period, when meetings and performances became impossible, or uncertain. We met outdoors, and composed sounds by mail, as a chain of memories and collectibles from different realities.

The sound, which was adapted to a sound trek for the solo, comprises of different parts of the works, like a collection of memories from different pieces that becomes a new space.

הופעות אחרות

11 December 2022, Cathy Weis Studio, New York City

02 December 2022, CCA, Tel Aviv

01 December 2022, CCA, Tel Aviv

28 December 2020, HaZira, Jerusalem

21 February 2020, Room Dance Festival, HaZira - WP

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