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Anat Shamgar is an Israeli dance maker, dancer, improviser and collaborative artist. Based in Jerusalem, she has been collaborating with many artists (in Dance, Music and other mediums) in Israel, the USA and Germany. She has performed her work in Montpelier Dance Festival, Podevil Festival in Berlin, New York Improvisation Festival, the Israel Festival, Room Dance Festival along with many other events and venues. Anat is a Faculty member of the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem since 1991 and has been head of the Choreography Track and Movement Department. Her teaching curriculum includes improvisation, choreography, body work and multi-disciplinary courses.

Anat explores the mystery and potentiality of collaboration as an art- form, in search of opening a broad zone of an "in-between" as a space for dialogue: merging languages, coexistence of differences, flow of responses to the unseen forces within body and environment.  She strives to acknowledge the new opportunity and materiality for each collaboration, and navigate the tension between movement and sound as juxtaposition in simultaneous realities.

Aesthetic characteristics of reducing, of silence and stillness come from the nature of the practice, and are reflected in the work, as well as a simple mindful presence, and a deep love to the experience of Dance. 

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